Saturday, October 1, 2011

What kind of Disciple are you part two.......

In our last post we talked about Discipleship and asking ourselves the compelling question, “what kind of Disciple am I? What do those around me hear and more importantly see when they are in my presence?”  I was thinking a couple of days ago about living in a small community like Blairsville. It is not like being in a large city like say Atlanta. Here we see the same people often and you know the spiritual status of many of them. Not only do you see them but, in local restaurants you often overhear conversations Oh, he is a pastor, she is secretary at a church, he is the music person at that church or he is a deacon and she is the wife of a deacon. But, what is even more telling is the fact that they also know your status. And yes, they are watching and listening!

So, now we must look in that mirror and ask the question....”What do they hear when they sit across or behind me at a restaurant or what do they see when I interact or don’t with others. Of course, in a small community any time someone is involved in those things we would all call sin everyone knows right away. There are some other things I think are just as important but, not on the “Big Sin Hit List”? Say like leaving an adequate gratuity when you leave a table......not a gospel tract and fifty cents. One pastor in town walks into a restaurant and never speaks to anyone unless they are members of his church.....interesting. It is amazing what kind of “gossip” you hear from a table near by and you know it is a group of men or ladies from one of the local churches. The tragic thing is many who hear and see are not believers but they know those who are. I am sure they are not attracted by what they hear and see.

So, what kind of disciple are we. Look in the mirror and ask yourself. I do and sometimes I have to confess, I am not so pleased.

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By Gordon Dalbey

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