Saturday, October 8, 2011

What does Influence mean to you?

Influence is one of those things that is almost always at the top of my “Think List” dominant thought. Webster defines Influence this way: “the capacity to have an effect on the Character, Development, or Behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself”. It’s like the imprint our foot makes when we walk in the sand only much more powerful. Notice what Webster said, we influence, effect, have impact or leave our imprint on the “Character, Development or Behavior” of those around us.
 And it is not only the positive that leaves its mark, “every Step” leaves a mark.

I never knew Steve Jobs but he influenced my life and the lives of many of you as well. I have been amazed at the front page coverage of his passing going into the fourth day. I have taken time to read much of it while thinking of what is being said of me and what will be said when I am gone. What kind of influence or imprint am I making and what will be left when I am gone. When I walk away from a conversation, what does that person feel, think, or say as a result of my presence in their life? Are they refreshed, energized, blessed? Or, are they exhausted and demoralized?

We leave those imprints everywhere we go!
In a conversation with our mate.
In a conversation with our children
On the phone with a friend or business conversation
In the supermarket line
At the car wash
At work or play when we are unaware that anyone is watching.
And the list goes on..................

So lets look in that well worn mirror and ask ourselves........
How am I Influencing the Character, Development or Behavior of those I encounter?

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