Saturday, October 29, 2011

HALT is a Powerful Word ................

 "Halt" is one of those words we usually associate with a command from a Police Officer or something in the Military. In our context however it has a far different meaning and may have greater far reaching, even life changing  consequences when ignored.

Halt is defined by Webster as:
“to stop; cease moving, operating, etc., either permanently or temporarily.”
Lets break this simple word down to see just how powerful it really is.


These feelings can tip us that we are under undue pressure and are more vulnerable than normally. We are in Danger!........  

Hunger can cause anxiety or a drop in blood sugar, leaving levels whacked out leading to poor choices. Anger or holding a Grudge causes us to focus on self leading to self pity. Loneliness can lead to trying to meet the need for companionship in an unhealthy way. Tired, just plain old being too tired can lead to not standing up to temptation when we most need to. Vince Lombardi once said “Fatigue makes cowards of us all”  

This is a time of extreme vulnerability to wrong thoughts, pornography, an affair, or overindulging in some other area. You know what you need to watch for!

So you see, This little word can be very powerful when viewed in the proper perspective. When we are feeling too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired it is like a Warning Light on our Dash or control panel. So, what am I to do when I notice one of these “Red Lights” flashing on my dash?
Well, lets say we just noticed one flashing......HALT...find out what’s going on before you move another inch. You may need a route recalculation or you may even need to “Phone a Friend” for help! This “Halting” may just give you enough time to come to your senses and alter your future for the better!
Practice it now.........HALT!

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