Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why is “Come to Me” so difficult?

 One of the most simple statements Jesus ever made.........
“Come to Me”.......Matthew 11:28-30
Why is it so difficult to follow?

In our last post the topic was “HALT”. This is sort of a followup to it in that it is the logical next step after you have noticed the “red flags” and practiced the “HALT” exercise. Most, if not all the struggles of life can be resolved by accepting this simple invitation from Jesus......”Come to Me”.....

It doesn’t matter what we are struggling with, Relationship issues, Parenting, a lapse of integrity, Physical issues, Pornography, Doubts or Fears. Maybe you are just worn out with Religion. And especially if you have “fallen and you can’t get up!”

Most of us however would rather try everything before we  would stop and do as Jesus said “Come to Me.” It is just too difficult to imagine that there is nothing we can do. So, we try to bargain with God. We Repent and try harder. We Read our bible and pray all day. We may even find a church where we can throw ourselves on the altar an weep. We bite nails and try harder. Finally we fail again and try even harder as we begin the cycle again.... When we come to the end of ourselves...self effort then we can hear the call to “Come to Me”............

So what is it about Jesus’ bidding, “Come to Me?” The first “Come” has to do with salvation. It is a gift that only He can give. The second gives us a choice. We can continue to “slam our head in the car door” or we can accept the invitation to “Take His yoke and learn of Him.” When we take this course we “Find Rest for our soul”

So, how do we “Come to Him?” it’s about “Relationship.” He wants us to come to Him and develop an intimate Life with Him. Get alone with Him and ask what He wants you to know, then listen....
When we struggle, if we look into His face and listen to Him and learn His ways we WILL find Rest for our soul.

There are no commands or condemnation, just a gentle “Come to Me”

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