Saturday, October 15, 2011

Like Father Like Son..............

Dad, this can be a scary thought or an incredibly Great and Satisfying Thought. We have a choice! The choice is ours. I must confess, it took me many years before I realized this phenomenon was taking place. It’s called “Like Father Like Son”. Mary and I recently took the opportunity to see the movie, “Courageous.” It’s a story of Masculinity for Men, Marriage, Family, Parenting, Loss, failure and Courage. It “Rocked my soul” as I watched and relived many moments of my own life. I along with Mary, Rob and Phillip were miles along the journey before I realized I could and must Change my Direction and in so doing the Direction of my family.
Great Intention is not enough, we must change our Direction.

I had to confess to myself, God, Mary and my sons that I had failed miserably in leading them. Then, I am sure it took some time for them to believe me....that came only after they “watched” me for some time. If your kids are young and in those formative years, you can beat the curve by realizing the importance of what they see in you now. Take advantage of the awesome opportunity to Lead Courageously!.

If like me you are down the road a ways and your kids are no longer in those formative years there is “Hope”. It is never too late! Get over whatever keeps you from facing them, confessing and asking forgiveness. Don’t try to defend yourself! Now be prepared to be “watched”. It may take a while, but I can tell you from experience you can earn their respect. In the rare case they never come around, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are a better man for "Maning Up" and facing them. Your conscience will be clear knowing you stepped up to The Plate!
“Watching You”
I Dare you to watch this all the way through!

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