Saturday, September 3, 2011

Are you Paying Attention to The Signs?

Why?  You may ask would someone look at a sign that clearly says “make a Left” but points to the right and and do it anyway? Well, I have looked in the mirror and ask the same question of myself. Perhaps you have as well. The fact is we often just do not Pay Attention the the Signs. That is a responsibility we can not pass off to anyone else o matter how hard we try. We must Pay Attention!

The good thing is God never intended for the signs to be confusing or complicated. We and sometimes the people we listen to seem to be able to “complicate dirt.” Lets look at just one of the signs God gives us today and “think” about it. Galatians 5:16 is an easy one but we often get it wrong. In fact, most of the preaching and teaching I have ever heard got it wrong. Here is what the text says....”So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.”

So, seems simple enough but still so many people get it wrong. Look at the text what comes first? “Walk in the spirit” or “stop sinning?” I will help you, first comes “walk in the spirit.” Please tell me why then, do we hear so much about “we must stop sinning?” When the message is Backwards it doesn’t matter if it is what we hear at church or if it is deep in our own belief system it is still “Backwards.” And therefore, puts us on the wrong road and going in the wrong direction even when our intentions are right. When we continually focus on “the sin or failure” whatever mine or yours may be, it activates a law in our mind called “The Law of Dominant Thought.” This becomes all we think about and consequently we find ourselves “doing it” almost automatically. We wind up in the cycle of fail, repent, try harder, fail try even harder and trudge on in a frustrated Christian Life or even worse just surrender to the failure and settle there.

Good News! That is not necessary! In the next post we will see how to correct our course by Paying Attention to The Signs.......And the power of Dominant Thought.

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