Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pornography is a Ticking Time Bomb......

Read six things you should know regarding the devastation caused by the Ticking Bomb. The Collateral Damage is staggering!  Addiction to pornography has reached pandemic proportions in our country. And t is not limited to just men or those outside the church. In the past ten years we have seen the numbers climb at mind warping speed. If you are part of the statistics below...stop now and read carefully and slowly...There is help.....
A comprehensive two-year study by Alexa research…has revealed that based on their searching habits....“Sex” was the most popular term for which people searched.  Of all the terms searched for online, 0.3289% - or roughly 1 of every 300 terms, were “sex.” 

A nationwide survey of 1,031 adults conducted by Zogby International and Focus on the Family, found that 20 percent of the respondents - which represents as many as 40 million adults - admitted visiting a sexually-oriented web site.  Thirty-seven percent of males between the ages of 18-24 admitted they had visited sex sites.  Almost 18 percent of those who identified themselves as Christians and 18 percent of married men also admitted viewing these sites. 

Of the people we encounter that are “hooked” on Pornography most tell us the following. “I do my devotions/quiet time, and attend church regularly. I belong to an accountability group and even went forward and confessed it to the church. But, it just does not work.

Now, some would say these folks are just not saved.

          Here are six things you should know.....
  • As you can see from the statistics above, you are not alone
  • Your behavior does not determine your identity.
  • You can certainly be saved and “hooked” simultaneously
  • God loves you no more or less if you do or if you do not!
  • Help is available if you truly desire it
  • I am praying for you, maybe even as you read this blog post.

Come on, take that first

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