Friday, July 1, 2011

Six things to consider when someone says “I want to follow in your footsteps”

“I want to follow in his footsteps”. It was on Father’s Day after the service. Several of us stood talking when my grandson, Caeden came up really excited to share what he felt God was saying to him. He explained that his heart was burning to share what God was up to in his life by being His “delivery man”. He is nine by the way. Then he talked about Holy Spirit and went to a nearby water fountain to illustrate how He desires to flow through us. It was then he pointed to me and said  “And I want to walk in his footsteps”.

I am yet not sure what all went through my mind. I at once experienced more emotions than I am capable of digesting. These were indeed sobering words for me. Perhaps my most prominent thought was “where have I led him? What will his life be like if he does indeed follow in my footsteps?

So, here are six things I believe worth considering if someone is watching....

Paul told Titus in Chapter two some things to teach men.

1- The life of a man is to harmonize with what he says he believes. I am reminded to ask myself more often “am I harmonizing”?

2- The life of a man is to be temperate or in moderation. Not off every wall or whim. Steadfast, dependable.

3- The life of a man is to command respect. That doesn’t mean he is stiff and has no fun in life but, his life reflects the importance of what he says he believes.

4- The life of a man is to be ‘self-controlled’. A sensible man, known for sound judgment, speech and decisions. He lives by his own counsel.

5- The life of a man is to be sound in faith. Evidence of his trust in God should be readily seen in his life.

6- The life of a man should exhibit endurance. Not just physical endurance but spiritual endurance in the sunshine or the storms of life.

These are of course, not all that are important. They are some however, that I believe are important in my context and perhaps you will as well. I want to plan with great intentionality to finish well so that anyone who should track after me is not derailed because of my lack of attention to the important things of life.

Am I there yet? No! ...... Remember, I am a work in progress..............

What do you think is important?

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  1. Phil, this was outstanding... thanks for the concrete practical direction!