Saturday, July 9, 2011

Do you understand the Two most defining factors of life?

So, what are these two factors and why are they so important? Glad you asked!

I- First is what we believe. Not just what we “say” we believe but what we really believe.
A “Belief System” is something we all have. Some of us don’t even realize it but it is there. It is developed with time as we are growing from childhood. There are some good and bad aspects in all our Systems. Have you ever wondered why you do some things you really would rather not and yet, you can’t seem to change.....sounds like Romans 7. Well, the reason is that somewhere in that Belief System is something that registers with that behavior (more on that later).

II- Second is the choices we make. All of life is balanced on these two pillars. All our choices ultimately come from what we truly believe. Oh, you may at time make a choice that goes against it but in the final analysis they will not last just like in Romans 7. The world is full of people walking around who if asked would say, “I believe (              )”. The truth is however that if you watch long enough you will “see” that it is not really what they believe. James 1:8 speaks of being double minded. The Bible in Basic English puts it his way. “For there is a division in his mind, and he is uncertain in all his ways”. The underlying truth here is, if you in your Belief System have one position and try to “behave” in some way opposed to it, you are as the verse says double minded. And the behavior cannot be sustained. So you can see from my first point that the negative behavior is registered to something in the Belief System. This means simply that we will behave according to our Belief System.

I hope considering these two thoughts will have the same effect on you as they have for me. It first caused me to ask a couple of questions.

A- Is this terminal or can it be changed?

B- If it can indeed be changed, how do I change it?

You can breathe now.....No, it is not a terminal condition unless we choose to ignore it. And it can be changed if we are willing to do the work. In my next post we will talk about how to make the needed changes.

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