Saturday, July 16, 2011

Three musts to create a New Ending for your Life.........

Maybe you are not like me but, there are three words I have never wanted to be first in line to spout....”I was wrong”. Why is that so difficult especially for us as men? By the time you get to my age however, the pain will subside some and it will be “a little” easier. In my last post, Two Defining factors we talked about our Belief System and our Choices and the possibility of change. Today I want to share some insights from Andy Stanley’s book, “The Principle of The Path”. I read it back in 2009 and could not help thinking of it while writing the last post. Let me share some of Andy’s insight here.
So, here are three Musts to get on the right “Path”.
  •  Acknowledge where we are:
This is perhaps the most difficult. Geographically Speaking you can’t get to where you want to go unless you know where you are. You need a starting point! Life is no different. We must get honest with ourselves about where we are in order to begin a “Route recalculation.”
  •  We must make a choice:
Am I going to continue as a double minded man or change. Andy sites Proverbs 27:12 “Be cautious and hide when you see danger--don't be stupid and walk right into trouble” CEV. Now is the time to make that change. every day counts.We don't have to walk right into it...We can change!
  •  Ask yourself some hard questions:
“In light of my past experience, my present circumstances, and my future hopes and dreams, what’s the wise thing to do?” So, just stop for a minute. Take a deep breath, grab something to write, iPad. Legal pad etc.  The point is “Just Doit”. Start making an inventory of the Route Recalculations you need to make and before you get up, begin at least one. Well, assuming you have been honest and asked yourself the hard questions, I suppose you could call that the first step.

“The Principle of The Path” is a MUST Read!
But, don’t just read it, Study it well!

Let me remind you in parting,

“Nobody can start a new beginning but, anyone can start today and create a new ending.”

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