Saturday, June 18, 2011

Confessions of an older Dad............

I don’t know what your status may be. Maybe you are a Dad of some years, a younger Dad or maybe you are not a Dad. That would make you a son or daughter...sometimes the girls sneak and read the Masculine Soul and that’s OK.

I recently wrote about being a work in progress. There were times in my early years as a Dad that I was more a piece of work and lacking in the progress area. When my first son Rob, was born I was seventeen. That’s right seventeen....”so what was you plan as a Dad you may ask”. I did not know there was a plan and there was no one in my life to lead, mentor,disciple or even encourage me. I was almost twenty-one when Phillip came along...still no idea...

Yes, I did the best I could with what I had to work with but botched the job in many respects. As a result, though they never said it, they really could not wait to get out of dodge once they were old enough. There were several years that our relationship was shall we say less than what I would I have desired. As I began to finally realize my responsibility I launched a campaign to discover just where I had missed it. That led me to some face to face conversations where I had to say “I was so very wrong when I
( You can fill in this blank )  and I need to ask you to forgive me. Easier said than done I might add. And then again though, it was never said I think there was a sort of probation period for me. Oh, they heard what I said but I think they were waiting to see if I would live it. After several years we have a Great relationship now and enjoy each other immensely.    

So, why would I share this “stuff” with you. First to remind you that we are indeed a work in progress. If you are a younger Dad, ask God to teach you and to put someone in your life to encourage you and as a role model. But perhaps more importantly to urge you to cultivate that great relationship you have with your kids or with your Dad. And if you don’t have such a great relationship whether you are a Dad, a son or both or even a daughter young or old. I want to urge you in the strongest terms possible to pursue it. Get face to face with your Dad or that son or daughter or on the phone if necessary and ask or receive forgiveness. Express your love and begin working to build mutual respect. You will never regret it I haven’t.

Happy Fathers Day!

Here is a must read  book for Dads or sons!

Healing The Masculine Soul

By Gordon Dalbey

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