Monday, May 30, 2011

Are you a Work in Progress?

Do not believe the false rumor circulating about me........
Just because I have been quiet for a while does not mean that I am "dead" or even considering it. Though, it is inevitable if Jesus does not come. What is true however is that I have not arrived and do not have it all together or even “pretty well together”. I am indeed a work in progress.....And, I’am back......

Are you a Work in Progress?

Why is it that men especially seem to be afraid to admit we don’t have it all together? That we are not the best husband, father, son, friend or man or even blogger. We somehow believe we must wear a mask to conceal what we really believe and feel about ourselves. Which by the way is where we form our identity.

Maybe you are like me, you really don’t have it all together. Take this Blog for instance, I am having a hard time being consistent posting. Does that mean I am not ok? Does it mean I am not a good husband etc? No, it just means I really don’t have it all together and I am a work in progress. “Progress”, I like the sound of that. But, because we are afraid of what our wife, our friends, our children or other men or those who read this blog may think of us.....We sometimes wear that mask to cover our true and deepest beliefs and feelings.
I considered saying blah, blah, blah regarding the blog but I finally just ripped off my mask and  decided on "I just don't have it all together instead. 

The two main ingredients of life are what we believe and the choices we make. So help me here, am I the only man who drags this mask out sometimes or do I have company? Let me hear what you think....”believe”. Join me so we can continue to make some “Progress” together.....

Here is a book that has been a real help to me:

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What did I just say to myself?

“Telling yourself the Truth”
 By William Backus


  1. Right on Phil! Please keep these gems coming...

  2. hmmm ... Phil ... have you been the fly on my wall?

  3. If you had it all together, you wouldn't be approachable. When we act as posers and pretend we have it all together, we keep people at a distance and thwart any chance of community/relationship.
    No problem for me admitting it alongside you. Love you!