Saturday, February 26, 2011

What did I just say to myself?

Did you know we are talking to ourselves all the time. No, it is not out loud, but it is there none the less. It is like a faint buzz just below our level of consciousness most of the running beneath the radar. At other times however, it seems to explode like someone screaming in our ear. This is why it is so important for us to  acknowledge it’s reality. The next step is to begin identifying it. It is most noticeable when we feel we have failed at something, screwed up “again” or failed at something “again”. There are many triggers for it and we don’t all experience them the same way. This phenomenon is called “Self Talk” and is very Real.  For those who are unaware, it can be the source of tons of Grief in your life.  In the next post or two we will discuss this further. Self Talk can also be Positive and is actually a Great friend when it is Positive.

Below are some tips to help in identifying our unique “Self Talk”.

  Stop! ..... Listen! What are you saying to yourself? The best time to listen may be when you feel you have just screwed something up “again” or failed at something “again”.  

 Is this the first time you have been aware of if? Realizing that it is happening is a huge step.

 What did you say to yourself? It is important to pay attention to what you are saying.

 Was it positive or negative?

The vast majority of self talk is negative. For this reason, can be one of our greatest enemies. It is part of a greater deception we will uncover and discuss in a later post.

Looking forward to seeing you next week and meanwhile....
“What are you saying to yourself”?


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